Dr. Hummp’s Curious Collection
“A depraved little corner of the internet…”

Film Miasma
“The hovering smell of painful writing.”

Gun Smoke & Ghouls
“Visions from beyond the void.”

Horror. Cult. Trash. Other.
“A blog written by a guy who spends too much time watching movies for other people who spend way too much time watching movies.”

“Horror reviews, articles, news, and thoughts.”

The Internet Ruined Everything
And he hates politics too!

Last Road Reviews
“Your source for everything horror and cult, comics and film in general.”


Parlor of Horror
“All things horror… and some sci-fi, too.”

Popcorn and Fever Dreams
“Cult, weird and B movie reviews.”

Seven Doors of Cinema
“Celebrating Euro horror, Hong Kong action, TV movies of the week, cult movies, trash, dark arthouse, and general WTF of all kinds!”

Space Rats From Outer Space
“And other terrible movies.”

Spook du Jour
“Horror and cult reviews and interviews for weirdos like you.”