Quick Update

Here’s what’s on the agenda. I’m going to press pause on Todd Sheets for now to finish and clear out a few random drafts I have saved, including my review of Dr. Caligari (1989), the last in my series of posts on Stephen “Rinse Dream” Sayadian. Mondo Macabro’s limited, remastered UHD/Blu-ray release of Dr. Caligari is up for preorder and won’t ship until January or February. When my copy arrives, you may see a post discussing the special features and everything I learned from them.

In the meantime, in light of Nick Millard’s passing, I’ll be looking at Alcatraz Breakout (1975 or 79) and whatever erotic films of his are readily available online, unless somebody reading this feels like sending me .357 Magnum (1977), Gunblast (1986), and The Terrorists (1988), as I’d much prefer to do those, but can’t find them on YouTube and don’t mess with torrenting.

I also plan on starting a new series of posts exploring the classics of porn, with plenty of screenshots. If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, text PORNGUY1.

I can always make more crossword puzzles, too, if there’s interest.

It goes without saying that all this depends on how determined I am each night to stay up past my children’s bedtimes and if I get sidetracked by life. As pro wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer famously says when accused of bad reporting, plans change.

On the subject of wrestling, expect my annual post recapping what happened in wrestling toward Christmas or New Year’s.

My resolution for 2023 is to conduct more interviews and get through my backlog of Blu-rays. If you’d like to be asked stupid questions, submit a movie for review, collaborate on a post, or just talk, my DMs are open.

RIP Nick Millard

It’s never easy posting this kind of news, especially on a holiday. I just learned through grindhouse personality 42nd Street Pete’s YouTube channel that cult filmmaker Nick Millard AKA Nick Philips is no longer with us. His daughter Valerie posted the following heartfelt message to his Facebook page:

It is with great sadness to say that Nick Millard passed away today [Sunday, October 30th, 2022] at the age of 81. He suffered from dementia these last years. He was a wonderful Father and person. His passion of course was film making. Until the end he was writing and coming up with ideas for films. Show business was in his blood. He loved every minute of his life. From the French Riviera to Palm Springs, he showed me how to enjoy life and have fun. We will miss him so very much but his spirit and his over 100 films will live on forever. Thank you Daddy for such a wonderful life you have given me. We will see you again in the Big Hollywood Studio in the Sky!

Millard was a big inspiration for why I started this blog. His shot-on-video horror flick Criminally Insane II is the first movie I ever reviewed here. The picture in the header image of the woman raising a meat cleaver is from the original Criminally Insane. It appears that I’ve only covered six of Millard’s titles, so I plan to pay tribute with more in the coming weeks and months. My deepest sympathies go out to his friends and family.