From the Vault: A Quick Chat With Massacre Video

It’s depressing knowing a time will come when the physical home video format will cease to exist. DVD sales have been declining for years, and it’s my assumption that distribution companies will eventually stop printing discs altogether. The only way we’ll be able to buy or watch films is digitally. The practical part of my brain is on board with that. It’s definitely more convenient and cost-effective than ordering every movie I’m half interested in on disc like I always have. But the other part of my brain knows half the experience will be lost. For me, there’s something special about holding a movie and admiring its artwork up close. I think it boils down to nostalgia. That’s why I try to support as many of the smaller fan-oriented labels as I can, because I don’t want to lose that experience any time soon. With titles like Black Devil Doll From Hell, Diary of a Deadbeat: The Story of Jim VanBebber, 555, and The Burning Moon, Massacre Video is in my opinion one of the best labels going. For years now they’ve been issuing decked-out special edition DVD and even VHS releases of the types of movies I love. I messaged the owner to tell him what a great job he’s doing and asked him a few questions while I had his attention. Here’s what he had to say.

I conducted this interview in 2017 and for some reason never posted it. Continue reading

Director Interview: Nick Millard

I reached out to cult filmmaker Nick Millard AKA Nick Philips back in September for an interview and he graciously agreed to partake in one, stating that he always tells the truth in his interviews, “unlike a lot of people in Hollywood”. Mr. Millard is best known to his fans for the string of outrageously campy, low-budget comedy-slashers he produced from the mid-1970s to the late-1980s, including those pictured below. During the course of our correspondence, we discussed a few of his more obscure titles, as well as some that were never even released! Check it out. Continue reading