My goal here at The Devil’s DVD Bin is to provide you with fair, entertaining reviews of cult, exploitation, and horror movies, as well as enough information about the releases to help you decide whether or not you’re willing to buy them. Few things are worse than shelling out hard-earned money for a movie and either hating it or realizing it wasn’t the version you wanted. I’m more than happy to answer questions regarding the content of the DVDs I review here. That said, I’m no technophile, and won’t be able to provide you with technical know-how regarding the audio or visual presentations of such.

The careers of Ed Wood, Doris Wishman, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Ray Dennis Steckler, Nick Millard, early John Waters, Andy Milligan, Nathan Schiff, and Nick Zedd will serve as reference points for the types of films I plan to explore.

Please note: The Devil’s DVD Bin is a nonprofit movie review site/personal blog. I will often post screen shots of movies I’m commenting on and critiquing to convey my points in accordance with “fair use”.

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